Partner League App Highlight: Shopify Apps in Our Network with Affiliate Programs

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  1. Designing an Affiliate Program
    1. Relationships First
    2. Partner Education
  2. Shopify Apps with Affiliate Programs
    1. Email / Messenger / SMS Marketing
    2. Store Design & Special Features
    3. Social Proof: Product Reviews, Referral Marketing, Loyalty
    4. Advertising
    5. Customer Support
    6. Inventory & Pricing
    7. Shopify Development Services

What Goes into Crafting a Successful Affiliate Program for Your App?

Deciding whether or not to set up an affiliate program for your Shopify app is an extremely important business decision. It's more than just weighing the profit/loss calculation. Your killer app paired with a well-managed affiliate program can quickly position you as the go-to solution for the merchant problem you're trying to solve. 

Getting recommendations from Shopify partners who have clients that trust their opinion can bring in big-name clients and raise your profile within the Shopify App Store.

Lots of online resources already exist to help you devise a win-win commission rate and payout structure that is both attractive to affiliates and profitable to you.

We wanted the best advice for this article, so we talked to the experts at Rewind –– the leading backup solution for Shopify and BigCommerce stores. Rewind provides best-in-class support and resources to their Agency Partner Program members and relationship-based referral marketing has played a big part in the program's success.

Relationships First

Dasha Shakov, the Marketing Manager at Rewind, oversees Rewind's Agency Partner Program. Her top advice to app developers working on their affiliate programs?

"Focus on creating high-quality relationships and delivering value."

Dasha continues to say that a good affiliate program "is more than just the rev share and the commission."

The most important part of Shakov's job is to make sure that Rewind fosters long-lasting, supportive relationships with each of their agency partners … relationships that don’t end after they’ve submitted a referral.

This relationship, she stressed, wasn't just a company-to-company, B2B partnership. It's a human one. At sign-up, every new agency partner is assigned a dedicated Partner Manager who reaches out and offers a welcome call. By having a dedicated point person at Rewind—someone they've met and know by name—partners know exactly who to contact when they have questions about backups or how to best use the app on a store. Partner Managers work hard to get to know the people behind the partnership and strive to make sure each person gets the individualized support they need to be successful.

Each agency has its own processes. How backups fit into the broader workflow differs from agency to agency. By getting to know how Rewind fits into each agency’s development and maintenance program, everyone can learn how to work together most effectively, in the service of their shared client—Shopify and BigCommerce merchants.

Partner Education

Shakov freely admitted that backups are hardly a riveting topic. Everyone is busy. Backups are only a small part of an ecommerce developer's job. She sees her job as educating agency partners on the importance of ecommerce backups in general, and Rewind’s solution in particular (as painlessly as possible.)

Adding a little levity into their partner-focused content works wonders. Making it readable, relevant, and actionable ensures the concepts stick and the content does its job.

Rewind aims to equip its Shopify Partners with skills in communicating to their clients the importance of backups, the limitations of Shopify’s backup infrastructure, and how Rewind's store-level daily backups solve the backup problem.

A seven-part email series goes through key elements of an effective backup strategy. Rewind has also created a library of ready-made resources agencies can use with their clients to facilitate conversations around backups. The library includes email templates, case studies, and a series of explanatory one-pagers for different industries.

Rewind Resource Library

Partners can also install Rewind on their own development test stores (for free) so they can play around with the product without breaking anything. If needed, they can use their test stores to fully demo Rewind to their clients.

The goal is to equip Rewind’s agency partners with everything they need to have meaningful, impactful conversations about backups with their clients, and then be able to confidently recommend Rewind as their preferred solution.

Want More Examples?

We compiled a list of some of the apps among Partner League members that run affiliate programs for their Shopify apps.

Are you an agency owner? Browse our list to find out more about each of the apps and sign up to start building new revenue streams for your expert agency or freelance business.

Are you an app developer? Use this list to see the range of affiliate programs offered by other apps in the Shopify space. Want your app to be included on this list? Join our collaboration-focused Slack community for Shopify Partners by submitting an application here.

Shopify Apps with Affiliate Programs

Email / Messenger / SMS Marketing


Firepush is an all-in-one automated SMS, web push, and email marketing app that helps to drive sales for Shopify stores.

Details: 100% extra web pushes for 90 days. Install the app and contact the Firepush Support team with the code PARTNER LEAGUE to apply. Limited-time offer.

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

PushOwl is trusted by 100s of Shopify and Shopify Plus stores for their push notification marketing. It works out of the box, without requiring setup, and will help your clients with customer retention.

Details: 20% lifetime commission of all Shopify payments PushOwl receives, including one-time payments and plan upgrades. Sign up at


Forget low email open rates and spam folders. Increase your revenue by engaging customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger.

Details: Revenue sharing plus co-marketing opportunities. Find out more and sign up at


Transactional store emails have high open rates. Leverage this by embedding marketing components—like product recommendations, smart personalized upsells, and discount codes—right into Shopify's automatic notification emails. Robust design options and analytics tracking included, too.

Details: 20% revenue share and co-marketing/joint marketing opportunities. Sign up at

Store Design & Special Features


Acquire and convert your visitors into customers with an amazing mobile-first shopping experience powered by AMP and PWA.

Details: Read program details and sign up at


Stories for Shopify. Curate your products as stories, letting customers purchase products directly through your story, or by directing them to product pages.

Details: 20% lifetime recurring commission. Sign up at

Sandbox Commerce

Sandbox is a no-code solution that empowers merchants to quickly design and deploy iOS and Android apps for their brand. We integrate with Shopify, Big Commerce, and 3dCart to help brands launch world-class mobile apps in less than 10 minutes.

Details: Read more and sign up at


Wiser is a product recommendation app that allows merchants to upsell products with widgets for personalized recommendations, related products, trending products, and more.

Details: 15% revenue share. Sign up at

Social Proof: Product Reviews, Referral Marketing, Loyalty


Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users, build customer loyalty, and increase conversions with ease.

Details: 20% lifetime commission from each of your referrals' payments. Sign up at


The #1 Shopify reviews app. Collect photo reviews from happy customers and boost sales with strong social proof.

Details: Loox partners with bloggers, YouTubers, agencies, and Shopify Experts. Benefits include monthly recurring commissions for referrals, discounts for customers, and an extended trial period on plans. To sign up, visit


Fully automated referral program. Boost sales, build social proof, increase customer retention, and drive revenue through their easy-to-use referral program.

Details: $20 in cash when someone signs up for our free trial using your invite link. Sign up at


Traffic Booster (StoreYa)

Done-for-you pay per click (PPC) ads management for Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. Set up by marketing experts and powered by Traffic Booster’s optimization algorithm and AI technology.

Details: 6% recurring commission. Sign up via

Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat

Done-for-you, 24/7 live chat teams for ecommerce stores. Recover abandoned carts, drive conversions, and provide an awesome customer experience.

Details: 10% recurring referral fees with an average payout of $250–$400/month. Sign up via

Callback Request

Go beyond impersonal contact forms. Enables customers to request a callback and get answers personalized to their questions, either by phone call or by text.

Details: Partners and affiliates receive a 3-month bounty if their merchants or connections upgrade to a paid plan. Email to sign up for the program.


Proofer lets design & print shops organize and manage customer order proofs. No more back-and-forth emails!

Details: 20% ongoing, monthly referral bonus, paid out via PayPal. Email once your client has installed the app.

Scout Merchant Alerts

Building the right relationship, with the right customers, at the right time is easy with Scout, a virtual relationship management app. The app watches for opportune relationship-management moments and then prompts store owners to take action.

Details: Partners and affiliates receive a 3-month bounty if their merchants or connections upgrade to a paid plan. Email to sign up for the program.


Automated, secure backups for Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce stores.

Details: Access to a dedicated account manager, partner training, resources, and generous referral bonuses up to $1,000 USD. Learn more and join the program at

Inventory & Pricing

Back In Stock – Restock Alerts

Back In Stock – Restock Alerts inserts a button on out-of-stock products allowing customers to sign up to be notified the minute a store restocks its products. The app sends notifications via email, SMS, web push, and Facebook Messenger.

Details: 20% commission for the first 6 months of every paid sign-up you refer. Your referrals also get 20% off all paid plans for their first year. Sign up here:

Inventory Planner

Demand forecasting integration for ecommerce stores.

Details: 20% lifetime commission, based on the referred account's billing amount. Sign up at


Enables multi-currency payments and duty/tax calculations for Shopify stores in one easy-to-use integration.

Details: $0.20% commission on GMV through the Reach platform. Contact Matt for more details at

Volume and Discounted Pricing

Sets up volume-based discounts on Shopify stores easily and quickly, either for a specific product, a product range, or across the whole store. The app implements discounts like "Buy 3, Save 30%" which increases a store’s average order value.

Details: 20% commission for the first 6 months of every paid sign-up you refer. Your referrals also get 20% off all paid plans for their first year. Sign up here:


Zero-hassle, easy way to enable approved wholesale customers (and only them) to see wholesale pricing, enabling them to buy at wholesale prices directly from your Shopify store.

Details: 30% lifetime revenue share. Sign up via

Shopify Development Services

Hey Carson

Simple flat-rate, no-contract pricing for small Shopify development and design tasks, executed by a dedicated Shopify developer.

Details: 15% commission on first purchase of a Carson service by merchants referred to us by our partners. Marketing opportunities and maximum exposure for promotion of paid tools via different channels, including the Carson dashboard and Hey Carson's Shopify Facebook group. Sign up at

Half Helix

Full-service ecommerce development agency committed to building modern, thoughtful digital experiences in an ever-changing world.

Details: 10% partner referral payout for any projects referred to us by consultants or other agencies. Sign up via


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